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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Business and Applied Science, B.A.

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The undergraduate major in Business and Applied Science, offered through the College of Business , is a capstone program to the many varied applied programs offered at community colleges. It is intended to prepare students for careers that require both technical skills and business knowledge. It is ideal for applied science program graduates (A.A.S.) interested in continuing their education in careers involving business and management.

Special Admission Requirements

In addition to the university criteria, applicants must have earned an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in a technical major from a regionally-accredited institution of higher education. Students not meeting the admission requirement of an A.A.S. in an occupational program, but who have completed 24 or more hours in technical course work and have met other university admission criteria, may be considered for admission.

Program Expected Student Outcomes

Functional Business Knowledge

1.1 Learners will demonstrate broad functional knowledge across all areas of business.

1.2 Learners will apply appropriate technological tools in support of business decision-making.

Effective Business Communication

2.1 Learners will write clear, concise, and well-organized business reports.

2.2 Learners will produce and deliver professional quality oral presentations.

Ethics and Values

3.1 Learners will recognize basic concepts and theories related to business ethics and social responsibility.

3.2 Learners will recognize the ethical dilemmas and social responsibility in a business situation and recommend courses of actions to address the issues.

Global Business Issues

4.1 Learners will understand the complexities of the cultural, economic, regulatory, and social environments as they impact business in a global economy.

4.2 Learners will develop viable alternatives and make effective decisions in an international business setting.

Degree Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Students must meet the collegial degree requirements.

General Education Requirements (37-38 Hours)

See Bachelor’s Degree Requirements  in the catalog for detailed information about the General Education Requirements for transfer students and students admitted as freshmen.

  • Communications (9 credit hours)

    • Two courses in written communication (6)
    • One course in oral communication (3)

    Mathematics (3 credit hours)

    • MATH - 2100 Elementary Statistics (3) 

    Physical and Life Sciences (7 - 8 credit hours), including at least one laboratory course

    • One course from Life Sciences (3-4)
    • One course from Physical Sciences (3-4)

    Humanities (9 credit hours)

    • At least one course from humanities and at least one course from fine arts

    Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 credits)

  • One additional Social and Behavioral Science Course (3)

Applied Science Courses (24 Hours)

Applied science courses transferred from the community college.

Electives (7-8 Hours)

Any 3000 or 4000 level course approved by advisor.

Total - 120 Hours

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