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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

The School of Extended Learning

The School of Extended Learning (SXL) at Governors State University serves as the continuing education and workforce development center for the University.  SXL offers learning opportunities for all ages with a camp for middle and high schoolers, short term training programs that prepares individuals to enter the workforce, professional development and continuing education for individuals to advance in their profession, academic and professional certification at the testing center, and the knowledge exchange for retirees, and semi-retirees.  SXL customizes training opportunities for local and regional businesses by identifying training gaps and providing workable solutions.

Industry-recognized professional certification exam testing is offered through CLEP, DSST, Pearson, Prometric, and PSI exam partners at Governors State University’s Testing Center.  GovState’s Testing Center provides a secure and professional testing environment for the local community and students of our campus. 

English Language Learning Center (ELLC)

The English Language Learning Center offers a variety of programs for international students and community members who are interested in improving their English Language skills for personal, professional, and academic purposes. ELLC provides English classes to parents of local school districts utilizing Title III funding and local businesses’ employees.

The Knowledge Exchange

This lifelong learning program is for the retired and semi-retired in the Chicago southland.  In a relaxed and friendly environment at Governors State University, participants enjoy a community of shared learning and a free exchange of opinions and ideas. Courses are for non-credit and include History, Liberal Arts, Current Events, Foreign Policy (Great Decisions), Law, Philosophy and Special Expertise.  

Professional Development

Skills training, test preparation programs, and industry certifications provide accessible paths for adult learners to successfully realize career and life transitions.

Registered Apprenticeship Programs (Program Length: 1 ½ years)

Supply Chain Logistics Management

Supply Chain Logistics Managers play a crucial role in orchestrating the movement of goods and information across the supply chain, aiming to achieve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Industrial Production Management

Industrial Production Managers are responsible for overseeing the entire production process, from planning and resource allocation to quality control and process improvement. Their role is vital in maintaining efficient and effective manufacturing operations while ensuring that products meet high-quality standards.

Production, Planning and Expediting Clerk

Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerk plays a vital role in managing the logistical and scheduling aspects of production processes. By coordinating orders, materials, and resources, they contribute to the efficient functioning of manufacturing operations and help maintain customer satisfaction.

Pilot Training

The objective of this course is to orient the incoming student to flight training and provide the theory and concepts needed for preparing for the FAA private pilot aeronautical knowledge test (airplane). Topics include: airplane systems, aerodynamics, flight instruments, procedures & airport operations, communications procedures, weather, regulations, weather services, aircraft performance, navigation, enroute flight, and cross-country flight planning.

Steam Camp

Steam camp offers middle- and high school students a chance to get hands-on science, technology, art, engineering, and mathematics experience.  Offered by GOV STATE since 2014, the camp engages students ages 11 to 16 in experiments, field activities, project-based learning, field trips and more to encourage them to pursue STEAM careers.

New Leaders Mentors Program

Designed to provide a system of support to first- and second-year leaders (Principals, Directors, Coordinators, Deans, and Instructional Coaches), this mentorship program matches experienced administrators with Protégés. Mentors will meet with their Protégés in their district or an agreed location for a minimum of 50 hours throughout the school year. Monthly professional development is offered that helps administrators maintain their licensure. Some districts are eligible for free participation due to a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Beginning Teachers  Mentors Program

Designed to support and challenge new teachers to reach their full potential with a focus on the Charlotte Danielson Framework, the Common Core State Standards, and the Illinois State Assessments. Novice teachers reach their full potential through professional development meetings and activities with a leadership mentor. The novice teacher is engaged with their mentor over the two years in activities designed to strengthen the new teacher’s practice.  The activities address the development of the meta-cognitive skills of the novice teacher and accentuate the importance of becoming reflective practitioners. Quarterly professional development is offered to help teachers maintain their licensure.

Extended Learning Course Catalog

Bridge Programs

  • Jaguar Jumps 1001: Post High School Advancement for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities CEPD-JJ01HY

Introduces college readiness concepts to individuals with intellectual disabilities who are striving for college readiness. Must pass initial interview with ASSD staff and have completed high school hours.

  • Jaguar Jumps 2001: Post High School Advancement for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities CEPD-JJ02HY

Introduces college readiness concepts to individuals with intellectual disabilities who are striving for college readiness. Must pass Jaguar Jumps 1001.

English Language Learning

Please contact the School of Extended Learning to schedule your ELL classes.

  • Reading and Vocabulary  CESL-005

This class focuses on developing reading, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills to prepare students for making informed decisions as well as for reading in the university and professional contexts. 

  • Writing and Grammar CESL-007

This class focuses on developing writing and grammar skills to prepare students for writing in academic and professional contexts. It will provide effective writing strategies, developing proficiency in thinking, drafting, and reviewing written communication with applications of the target grammatical skills. 

  • Listening and Speaking  CESL-001

This class focuses on listening and speaking skills in English. Focuses on appropriate skills in listening comprehension, note-taking skills, speaking management, problem areas in pronunciation, and appropriate vocabulary.

  • Multimodal Literacy CESL-003

This class focuses on developing digital literacy, writing, reading, and presentation skills through educational technology tools, academic, social, and cultural expectations in U.S. and develop intercultural communication skills to be successful students/professionals in U.S. higher education/society. 

  • English Classes for parents of local school districts

 This class focuses on all four skills (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and grammar through a “Communicative Language Teaching” methodology to help parents communicate effectively with school officials. 

English Classes for employees

This class focuses on all four skills (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and grammar through a “Communicative Language Teaching” methodology to help employees communicate effectively in the workplace.

Health & Human Services

  • Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Success Program CEPD-CPRS

The Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS) Success Program will provide high quality recovery support training with supervised practical experience and wrap-around supports.  Coordinated by post-secondary educational institutions for individuals with lived experience of mental health, substance use, or co-occurring mental health and substance use recovery. The 3-course program contains 28 four-hour modules totaling 110 hours. All registrations must be approved before enrolling by GovState’s Addictions Program.

  • Clinical Medical Assistant Certification Program CEPD-JDCMOL *

This program prepares students to assist physicians by performing functions related to the clinical aspects of a medical office. Instruction includes preparing patients for examination and treatment, routine laboratory procedures, pharmacology, taking and documenting vital signs, technical aspects of phlebotomy, the 12-leadEKG and the cardiac life cycle. Cultural Responsiveness in the Classroom CEPD-COE1OL

Earn 5 CPDU’s and a GOV STATE Badge when completing this entire 4-part podcast series and examination. How important is identity?

Drs. Amy Vujaklija & Joi Patterson speak with Dr. Gholdy Muhammad about her book Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy. Through sharing the importance of knowing and honoring one’s own and the students’ historical identities, practical applications in and outside of the educational field are explored.

  • Kinesio Taping Workshop CEPD-KINSOL 

Kinesio Taping Workshop The Kinesio Taping Foundations Course will present all the concepts and techniques of Kinesio Taping in an expedited course format. This course will be held over an 8 Hour two-day period with a 4 Hour Pre-course.

  • Medical Billing & Coding Certification Program CEPD-JDBCOL *

Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest-growing careers in the healthcare industry today! The need for professionals who understand how to code healthcare services and procedures for third-party insurance imbursement is growing substantially. Physician practices, hospitals, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, chiropractic practices, physical therapy practices, and other healthcare providers all depend on medical billing and coding for insurance carrier reimbursement.

Home Inspection & Real Estate

  • Illinois Home Inspector Training CEPD-IHITOL

Join us for a self-paced home inspector course. This course satisfies all the State of Illinois requirements to earn your license in home inspection. Once enrolled you will be connected with your home inspector instructor to receive materials and begin your training. You have up to 3 months to complete your 60 hours of online curriculum. Upon completion you will coordinate with your instructor to set up 5 field inspections.

  •  Real Estate (Coming Soon!)

Human Resources

  • PHR/SPHR Certification Preparation-ONLINE CEPD-SPHROL *

The PHR/SPHR Certification Preparation Course is a rigorous program that will meet 100% online. The live online course will provide an overview of key areas in human resources management designed to better prepare HR professionals for the national PHR (Professional in HR) or the SPHR (Senior Professional in HR) exams. Both exams are administered by the HRCI ® (Human Resources Certification Institute). Earning the PHR® or SPHR® from HRCI® makes you a recognized expert and leader in the HR field.

SHRM Certification (Coming Soon!)

Information Technology

  • Information Security Training (Vouchers Included) GES359 *

Prepare for three globally recognized certifications: ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and (ISC)2’s Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP).

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (Voucher Included) GES338 *

This online Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course will teach you the valuable details that every information security professional needs to know.

  • CompTIA Network+ Training Boot Camp LBC112

In this Boot Camp, you will learn how to configure, troubleshoot, and oversee networks! It provides the most comprehensive approach to earning your CompTIA Network+ certification, one of the most popular certifications an IT professional can attain.

Credit for Prior Learning toward GovState’s CPSC-4342

  • CompTIA™ A+ Certification Training (Vouchers Included) GES328 *

CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for validating the skills of entry-level computer technicians. It opens the door to an exciting career in computer technology, and this online course makes training convenient and interactive.

Credit for Prior Learning toward GovState’s IT-3110

  • CompTIA A+ with ITIL 4 Foundation (Vouchers Included) GES353

This online training program is perfect for students wanting to enter a career in Information Technology. You will learn CompTIA A+ and ITIL principles and prepare for certification.

  • CompTIA Certification Training: Network+, Security+ (Vouchers Included) GES3036

This course provides training aligned to the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certification as a comprehensive foundation for IT professionals It incorporates network and security-focused training to prepare you to expand your information technology skills as an IT professional.

Credit for Prior Learning toward GovState’s CPSC-4342 & CPSC-4580

  • CompTIA™ Security+ Certification Training (Voucher Included) GES330 *

CompTIA Security+ is the certification globally trusted to validate foundational, vendor-neutral IT security knowledge and skills. This Security+ training course will assist you in preparing for the CompTIA Security+ certification SY0-601 exam.

Credit for Prior Learning toward GovState’s CPSC-4580

  • Cybersecurity Boot Camp GES3048 *

The Cybersecurity Master Boot Camp is an immersive and accelerated training course with a focus on creating the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Lean Six Sigma

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program CEPD-LSSBOL *

Students will complete a Lean Six Sigma project from inception to completion. Dates and times are flexible. .

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt CEPD-LSSGOL *

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate program will focus on both Advanced Lean Techniques and Six Sigma “Green Belt” methodologies. Detailed and real-world examples of lean thinking will be reviewed with hands - on examples to enhance the learning experience. Learn how to integrate theories of business, statistics, and the elimination of waste with the goal of achieving tangible results. Six Sigma methods will include project planning and various statistical tools to equip the student to be Green Belt certified and a practitioner of Lean Six Sigma at their organization. The course is offered 100% online. Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Health Care Professionals CEPD-LGHBOL *

This certification will give healthcare professionals the tools to improve patient care delivery processes, quality of patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction through Lean and Six Sigma quality and process improvement methodologies. In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, this course offers detailed and real-world examples of lean thinking coupled with exercises to enhance your learning experience. Learn how to define and implement strategies for healthcare delivery processes and identify opportunities to reduce variations to optimal processes. Use Six Sigma methodology and various statistical tools in project planning to become a recognized practitioner of Lean Six Sigma in hospital or healthcare facilities.

Legal Studies

  • Advanced Legal Research & Writing Certificate Course CEPD-ALRWOL
  • Employment Law Certificate Course CEPD-ELCCOL
  • Legal Nurse Consultant Training Course CEPD-LNCTOL
  • Paralegal Certificate Course© CEPD-PLCCOL *

This course will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the American judicial system. It will also teach you practical skills including how to assist trial attorneys, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. Gain working knowledge of legal authority: how it is used in the litigation process and how to locate it through legal research. You will also learn the basics of law office management, substantive law (such as criminal law, domestic relations, real property law, and bankruptcy), and informal and formal advocacy.

  • Victim Advocacy Certificate Course CEPD-VACCOL
  • Advanced Paralegal Certificate Program CEPD-APCPOL *


Project Management 

  • Certified Associate in Project Management Preparation Course-CAPM® online CEPD-CAPMOL2 *

GovState Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam Preparation online Course breaks down complex topics for anyone who is interested in or are just starting out in project management. This online course is a hands-on approach covering a wide range of topics, all reinforced through pre-recorded videos on each of the knowledge areas and practical examples with comprehension being tested at the end of each area with sample exam questions.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Test Preparation 100% Online CEPD-PMPCOL *

Prepare to earn your PMP Certification by taking our 100% online, on-demand preparation course. Our prep course will aid you in your efforts to go on to take the PMP Certification Exam.

Credit for Prior Learning toward GovState’s IT-3310

Supply Chain

Lean Process

  • LS3C: Certified Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain CEPD-LSSSOL

Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)

  • ASCM: Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) CEPD-ASCMOL
  • Certified Global Business Professional Workshop CEPD-CGBPOL
  • Level 1 Principles of Distribution and Logistics CEPD-PODLOL
  • Level 1 Principles of Manufacturing Management CEPD-POMMOL
  • (APICS) Certified in Production, Inventory Management (CPIM) CEPD-CPIMOL

ACSM Bundled Programs

  • Supply Chain Certification; Level 1, 2 & 3 Logistics, Transportation & Distribution CEPD-PDCLOL
  • Supply Chain Certification; Level 1, 2 & 3 Manufacturing Management, Production, & Inventory Management CEPD-PCPMOL
  • Institute for Supply Management (ISM)
    • ISM Certified in Professional Supply Management (CPSM) CEPD-CPSMOL


  • SCPro Certification Test Prep: Level 1 CEPD-SCPROL

SCPro Level One is the only industry certification that covers the comprehensive supply chain, from end-to-end, and requires candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of the eight Cornerstones of Supply Chain Management via a multiple-choice exam. It was developed in partnership with supply chain experts and academics and is recognized by both companies and educational institutions as the most comprehensive certification available in the industry.

  • SCPro Fundamentals Certification: Customer Service Operations CEPD-SCF2OL
  • SCPro Fundamentals Certification: Demand Planning CEPD-SCF5OL
  • SCPro Fundamentals Certification: Inventory Management CEPD-SCF6OL
  • SCPro Fundamentals Certification: Manufacturing and Service Operations CEPD-SCF7OL
  • SCPro Fundamentals Certification: Supply Chain Management Principles CEPD-SCF1OL
  • SCPro Fundamentals Certification: Supply Management and Procurement CEPD-SCF8OL
  • SCPro Fundamentals Certification: Transportation Operations CEPD-SCF3OL
  • SCPro Fundamentals Certification: Warehousing Operations CEPD-SCF4OL

SCPro Bundled  Programs

  • Manager / Customer Service, Demand and Inventory Planning and Procurement CEPD-MCSDOL
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Transportation / Warehousing CEPD-SMTWOL

Test Preparation

  • CADC Test Preparation Course CEPD-CADCOL

This course is intended to prepare applicants for the CADC exam. It has been approved for (21) CEU’s from the Illinois Certification Board and/or as a 2 hour credit course to GOV STATE students.

  • Commercial Drone License / FAA Part 107 License Test Preparation Course CEPD-DRONOL

Commercial Drone License / FAA Part 107 License Test Preparation Course

  • LCSW Preparation Course - Online CEPD-LSCSOL

GovState licensure review course provides intense preparation for the LCSW exams.   This review course uses the most up-to-date examination materials from LEAP (Licensing ExAm Preparation Services, LLC) and reflects the latest information for the DSM-5.


Attention all counselors in training: Join us to prep for the NCE exams.

  • LSAT Preparation Course CEPD-LSATFF

Acquire strategies on verbal skills, logic, critical reasoning, and analytical writing to improve LSAT scores. You will receive: Practice exams, Test taking strategies, Cambridge test prep books and Weekly take home assignments. Fee includes test prep materials.