Jun 22, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

College of Graduate Studies

College of Graduate Studies 

Mary Carrington, Acting Dean

College of Graduate Studies Mission 

The mission of the College of Graduate Studies is to support graduate education as the pursuit of knowledge at an advanced level, and to prepare graduate students to ask and answer challenging questions in their fields of study. We work toward this mission by supporting, advising, and mentoring graduate students as they progress toward their degrees; by enabling faculty to provide compelling, accessible, and equitable graduate education; and by fostering rich intellectual atmosphere and discourse among a diverse community of graduate students and faculty.

The College, established in 2023, is in a building phase, during which it will increase its oversight of functions and services provided to graduate students, such as graduate advising, graduate student funding including graduate assistantships, and graduate capstone completion support services. New initiatives and anticipated improvements include a new Director of Graduate Advising to start in Fall 2024, onboarding training for newly hired graduate assistants, a pilot program through which graduate Writing Fellows will assist graduate students with writing associated with their capstone experiences, and work toward clarifying and streamlining capstone registration and final submission processes. In addition, the College will increasingly sponsor graduate academic and intellectual enrichment events such as workshops and seminars and offer graduate student socialization and wellbeing events and services.

The College will promote continuing relevance and excellence of graduate programs at Governors State University by strategically advancing new graduate initiatives and academic programs, overseeing evaluation and accreditation of graduate programs, and supporting and providing professional development to faculty active in graduate education.

Graduate Programs 

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