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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Analytical Chemistry, M.S.

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The graduate major in Analytical Chemistry offered through the College of Arts and Sciences , prepares students for employment as analytical chemists in public and private laboratories that specialize in the application of wet chemical and instrumental procedures. This degree also serves to enhance the credentials of existing professionals by providing advanced coursework covering practical and theoretical aspects of analytical chemistry and provides hands-on training with advanced instrumentation. The degree is enhanced by capstone requirements in which students can choose from the following capstone projects: laboratory-based research, literature-research, an internship, or a thesis. In addition, the degree prepares students to pursue doctoral studies in chemistry and related fields. Students also have an option to pursue an MS in Analytical Chemistry with a concentration in Business designed for students interested in broadening their skills in chemistry and developing a foundation of principles in business to enhance their capabilities as scientists working in a corporate environment. The Business concentration may serve as a preliminary preparation for students interested in an MBA degree.

Faculty at Governors State University have strong teaching and research backgrounds in analytical chemistry and related fields, and are prepared to engage students in advanced coursework and independent or collaborative research projects. Our expertise includes chromatography (GC, HPLC), spectroscopy (IR, NMR), mass spectrometry (GC/MS, LC/MS), electrochemistry, environmental chemistry, molecular modeling, analytical biochemistry, proteomics/genomics, photo-oxygenation, fullerene chemistry, solid-state chemistry, and gas phase ion chemistry.

Program Expected Student Outcomes

1. Develop advanced problem-solving skills. 

2. Apply advanced instrumentation to carry out experiments and chemical analyses. 

3. Adhere to current safety practices to properly handle chemicals and instruments. 

4. Carry out an independent research project. 

5. Present outcome

Required Preparation

Applicants having a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or in a related field are encouraged to apply. Students with degrees other than chemistry will be required to take CHEM-3233 /CHEM-3234 , CHEM-3533 , CHEM-3641 , and CHEM-4155 . Students taking pre-requisite courses must receive grades of “C” or better in the courses and must maintain overall GPA of 3.0 as part of the university’s graduate requirement.

Laboratory-Research, Literature-Research, Thesis or Internship Capstone Project

This degree requires a capstone project that shall consist of an approved proposal, independent research, and a written and oral presentation.

In the literature-research or laboratory-research capstone (4 cr.) the student initiates an investigation of a current topic in chemistry by writing a proposal. The student performs an in-depth study of the current literature or a hands-on investigation of the topic and prepares a written report and delivers an oral presentation [Literature: CHEM - 8930 Graduate Chemistry Literature Project (1-3)  and CHEM - 8997 Research Presentation in Chemistry (1) ; Laboratory: CHEM - 8950 Graduate Research Project (1-3)  and CHEM - 8997 Research Presentation in Chemistry (1) ].

In the internship capstone (4 cr.) the student identifies an internship sponsor, completes an internship application and proposal, and, once accepted, completes the internship under the joint guidance of the site supervisor and the GovState faculty sponsor. The student prepares a final written report and delivers an oral presentation [CHEM - 8940 Internship (1-3)  and CHEM - 8997 Research Presentation in Chemistry (1) ].

In the thesis capstone (7 cr.) the student will develop a thesis proposal and perform research under the supervision of a faculty member and a degree committee. The student will prepare a final manuscript and defend the work via a written thesis and an oral presentation. The thesis capstone is recommended for a student who has strong research interests and/or intends to pursue doctoral studies [CHEM - 8959 Graduate Thesis Literature Search (1) CHEM - 8960 Graduate Thesis Project (1-5) , and CHEM - 8997 Research Presentation in Chemistry (1) ].

Admission to Candidacy

  1. completed the required preparation listed above;
  2. completed the Required Courses listed below with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher; and
  3. completed an approved proposal for a thesis, a project, or an internship.

Degree Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a master’s degree.

Focus Area:

Select from one of the two areas below:

Total - 35 Hours

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