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2021-2022 Governors State University Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Governors State University Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Distance Learning and The Center for Active Engagement and Scholarship

Distance Learning Students engaged around one computer

Governors State University provides alternative access to university programs through extended campus courses held at off-campus locations and online courses. Alternative delivery methods provide opportunities for students who need more flexibility in their schedules in order to participate in furthering their education. These courses are scheduled at times and in ways that give the students options. The list of online program opportunities is found at:

Governors State University recognizes that providing service to a diverse clientele over a wide geographic area requires significant levels of off-campus instruction. In support of its outreach efforts, the university offers a selection of degree and professional development courses at numerous locations in the Chicago metropolitan area and the surrounding region. Sequences of courses from undergraduate and graduate degree programs and degree completion opportunities are offered at off-campus teaching sites and online.

Center for Active Engagement and Scholarship (CAES)

The Center for Active Engagement and Scholarship (CAES) collaborates with faculty to create conditions in which all faculty become active participants in their scholarly work and teaching endeavors. CAES provides opportunities for faculty to share and further develop goals and interests.Additionally, CAES provides support, tutorials, and additional resources to assist both faculty and students in their use of instructional technology software in either face-to-face or online coursework. Instructional designers and support staff provide assistance in online course development aligned with best practice standards.